Undergraduate MD Program Details: St. Michael's Hospital

Family Practice Unit at 61 Queen Street East; St. Lawrence Health Centre; Wellesley - St. Jamestown Health Centre; Health Centre at 80 Bond Street; Sumac Creek Health Centre

Type of Practice

Academic family practice associated with St. Michael’s Hospital.

Location of Practice

The St. Michael’s Hospital Department of Family and Community Medicine operates from five sites as a Family Health Team. All of the sites are accessible by TTC and are within walking distance of St. Michael’s Hospital.

Special Features of Site

  • Large interprofessional team environment with diversity of learning experiences.
  • Inner city health exposure (marginalized populations, addictions, homelessness, refugee health, LGBTQ primary care, HIV/AIDS primary care).

Mandatory Experiences

  • Primary clinical placement in one of the teaching units.
  • Two half days in a shelter/homeless health care experience.
  • One half day at the St. Michael’s Hospital Cardiac Rehab Follow-up Clinic run by family physicians and an interprofessional health care team.
  • One half day unique MSK interdisciplinary professional education program taught by a physician, chiropractor, nurse practitioner and pharmacist with students from other health professions.

Clerkship Electives/Selectives

The following are optional family medicine experiences, subject to preceptor availability:

  • Family medicine obstetrics evening call
  • Evening or weekend walk-in/urgent care clinics
  • Home visits
  • Smoking cessation clinic (MD- and pharmacist-led)
  • Primary care Diabetes Education Program (RN- and RD-led)