QI Methods Toolbox

We have developed/adapted some practical tools to support your journey to improve quality.

List of Tools and Templates with Sources:

Please note that some of the tools are available via links to the Institute of Healthcare Improvement's (IHI) website: www.IHI.org.  To access the content, an account is necessary.   Click on the "register" tab in the top right hand corner of the IHI homepage and then click on the create an account link. 

Name of Tool Source of Document
5 Whys instruction sheet

OH (Quality)

5W2H tool instruction sheet OH (Quality)
Cause and Effect instructions and fillable form IHI QI Essentials Toolkit
Change idea worksheet

DFCM worksheets

Driver Diagram IHI QI Essentials Toolkit
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis instructions and fillable form IHI QI Essentials Toolkit
Interpreting run chart OH (Quality)
Measurement Plan tool OH (Quality)
Pareto Chart

IHI QI Essentials Toolkit

PDSA fillable form OH (Quality)
PDSA Worksheet and fillable form IHI
Problem Statement instruction sheet OH (Quality)
Process Mapping instruction sheet

OH (Quality)

Project Charter DFCM worksheets
Project Measures Worksheet IHI
Spread Planner


Sustainability Planner OH (Quality)