Postgraduate Residency Program Details: Scarborough Health Network

Scarborough Health Network General Campus - SHN General Hospital & adjacent Central Teaching Unit, SHN Birchmount Hospital & SHN Centenary Hospital. With Community Doctor’s Offices in Scarborough, Bowmanville and Pickering

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Scarborough Health Network * recorded March 2020

Quick Facts

Number of residents: 26
Curriculum type: block rotations
PGY1 elective/selective months: 1
PGY2 elective/selective months: 4

Program Highlights

  • One-on-one teaching on FM and specialty rotations. There are few other learners in the hospital so residents get significant hands-on experience.
  • Award-winning teachers, flexible program, family physician-run ER, excellent FM focused rotations (MSK, paediatrics, obstetrics, psychiatry, surgery, internal medicine, and family medicine inpatient).
  • Procedure courses, including mock arrest, suturing, casting, benign uterine conditions, FM obstetrics, and breast cyst aspiration.
  • Selective time while on FM block to train in FM related field including Scarborough Sexual Health Clinic and Diabetes Clinic.
  • Family Medicine Shared Care Obstetrical Program enables residents to follow their prenatal patients from the office to the hospital and assist in their delivery.
  • Intensive CCFP exam preparation courses including CCFP review lectures and Simulated Office Oral Program.
  • Opportunities for more rural FM practice in Bowmanville with specialty training at an urban site.
  • A focus on comprehensive family medicine (FM) in the community, highlighting real life practice.

Hospital, Community, Teaching Unit and Program

The FM residency program at Scarborough Health Network is a learner-centered program. We have both urban and rural preceptor experiences available. Our program provides community-based experiences with an emphasis on real-world, hands-on clinical training, along with core academic teaching at the Scarborough site.

You will be matched with a community-based FM preceptor to meet your individual learning needs. All preceptors offer opportunities for residents to participate as a member of the primary health care team looking after populations with diverse health care requirements. Our community FM preceptors integrate unique clinical skills into their practices such as obstetrics, emergency medicine, hospitalist activities, sports medicine, palliative care, women’s health, psychotherapy and geriatrics. You will also have mini-practices under the supervision of your FM preceptors experience continuity of care in FM.

Scarborough Health Network Rural Option (Bowmanville)

Residents can choose to work in Bowmanville (population: 20,000), a rural community located just east of Scarborough. This is an incredible opportunity for residents who desire a complete rural experience (including inpatient work, ER shifts, nursing home visits, palliative care, home visits) with an academic Scarborough base. This site will prepare you to practice anywhere and resident feedback is uniformly glowing.


In our two-year program, you have five flexible elective months in order for them to follow your own individual learning plans. Common enrichment activities include dermatology, plastic surgery, urology, ENT, ophthalmology and geriatrics. Our academic advisor will help and support you when you plan your electives. We pride ourselves in our flexibility to meet resident learning needs.


Specialty Rotations

Specialty rotations take place at Scarborough Health Network. We have outstanding specialty preceptors who work one-on-one with FM residents. There are very few other specialty residents at SHN, so our FM residents get considerable hands-on experience. All residents do core rotations in internal medicine, paediatrics, surgery, MSK, obstetrics, emergency medicine, palliative care and psychiatry, providing a strong background for whatever your future may hold. The specialty preceptor model allows residents to work with their specialist teachers in a variety of settings including community offices, specialty clinics, hospital wards, ER consults and hospital procedures.

  • Our MSK rotation is a FM oriented rotation, with a focus in clinical orthopedics, limited surgery time, limited call responsibility and rheumatology clinic time.
  • Limited call responsibilities: our specialty rotations recognize that your learning will be primarily accomplished in clinics and during the regular business day, and so call will generally end at 11 pm or 12 midnight in order to limit post-call days and the impact on your day-to-day learning opportunities.

Core Academics

Scarborough Health Network has a well-established academic seminar program, founded on our competency-based curriculum and the competencies in FM. Our seminars are consistently rated very highly by our residents. Our curriculum includes the following programs: ethics, behavioural medicine, and evidence-based medicine lectures. Our residents participate in lectures by presenting at journal club and guideline reviews. We consistently have a FM preceptor on hand during lectures to help add a FM focus and perspective to our academic seminar experience.

  • Our Simulated Office Oral (SOO) Review Program runs longitudinally throughout residency and prepares residents for the CCFP exam while honing interviewing skills.
  • Call accommodations include a resident lounge, common room and six on-call rooms, male/female washrooms at the General Campus, and a resident call room at the Birchmount Campus.

If you have additional questions, please contact:

Dr. Jennifer McDonald
Program Director  
Ms. Stacey Milley-McKeown
Program Assistant 416-431-8200 ext. 6591

Dr. Sean McIntosh
Dr. Paul Moroz
Dr. Julianne Falconi
Chief Residents  

TSH Sample 2 Year Rotation Schedule

1st Year

Rotation # of Months
Family Medicine 3

General Internal Medicine


Internal Medicine Subspecialty Clinics


General Surgery






Emergency Medicine


Family Medicine Inpatient & Geriatrics




MSK (Orthopedics)

Elective 1

2nd Year

Rotation # of Months
Family Medicine 3
Teaching Practice 2
Emergency Medicine 1
Palliative Care 1
Paediatrics Clinics 1
General Internal Medicine 1
Electives 4

Unique rotations or opportunities students should be aware of:

  • Pediatric Urgent Clinic (PaedsLink)
  • Rural medicine opportunities
  • Geriatrics Clinic (GAIN clinic)
  • Shared Care Family Medicine OB Program 
  • Procedure courses (suturing, casting, etc.)
  • Excellent preparation courses for CFPC exam
  • Diabetes Clinic
  • Scarborough Sexual Health Clinic

Family Medicine Block Time
(X indicates location of family medicine block time rotations)

Community Physicians' Offices (Urban or Rural): 6 months, plus 2 months teaching practice X

Horizontal electives offered during family medicine block time: arranged on an individual basis
Number of family medicine half-day backs (continuity time) per week: 1 (or 1 full day every second week)