Dr. Frank Sullivan


The University of Toronto Practice-Based Research Network (UTOPIAN) is a living laboratory that partners front-line care providers with academic researchers: giving us necessary insights into what’s working and what could work better in primary care in Ontario. Once fully established, UTOPIAN will be one of the largest and most representative primary care research networks in North America, and amongst the largest in the world.


A state-of-the-art living laboratory
UTOPIAN is a network of over 1400 family physicians in practices within the 14 DFCM academic sites throughout the GTA and beyond.

Research Infrastructure

Supports and training to get involved
Many family physicians are happy to be involved in research but find it difficult to get started. Learn about our supports and training.

Getting project support

Criteria for potential UTOPIAN projects
An overview of the selection criteria projects must meet to be considered a UTOPIAN research project and to receive support.

Projects and Publications

What's happening
See which projects are currently being undertaken and selected publications.

Electronic Medical Records

Extracting and transforming EMR data for Research
Data Safe Haven contains de-identified primary care EMR data available for research and to be linked to other datasets

FAQ and Contact us

Learn more and get in touch
Answers to frequently asked questions and how to contact us for more information and support