Information Sessions and Workshops - Faculty Promotions

Are you thinking about promotion?

This year the DFCM will be hosting information sessions and workshops for faculty who are interested in applying for a junior promotion or a senior promotion.  Whether you plan to apply this year, next year or in a few years, the information session will help you prepare.  

Choose which type of sessions you’re interested in:

  1. Junior Promotions: Lecturer to Assistant Professor
  2. Senior Promotions: Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, Associate Professor to full Professor


Junior Promotion Sessions

Lecture to Assistant Professor

Dates TBD

This workshop covers the steps, process, and criteria for a junior promotion application package.

Please click here to review the powerpoint slides from the last presentation on February 25, 2020.


Senior Promotion Sessions

Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, or Associate to full Professor

Workshop #1 - Date TBD (expected in Jan/Feb 2021)

This workshop provides an overview of the senior promotion process:

  • How do I become an Associate or Full Professor?
  • Understanding the process, timeline, and steps to apply for a senior promotion
  • What is a senior promotion dossier and what documents are required?
  • Manual for Academic Promotions


Workshop #2 - Date TBD (expected in Feb/March 2021)

This workshop will:

  • Focus on the pre-applications
  • Help you identify your scholarly work in teaching & education, research, CPA
  • Help you identify your 5 scholarly pieces of work
  • Session leaders will be invited under teaching and education, research, CPA


Important Senior Promotion dates (yet to be confirmed for 2021):

  1. End of April: due date to submit pre-application
  2. Beginning of May: senior promotions committee meets to report on pre-applications
  3. Mid-May: candidate receives feedback from committee

*Please note this timeline for 2021 may be subject to slight changes due to COVID-19.


What Is the Process of Promotion?

If you would like to read online ahead of time about the promotions process, view details and find helpful advice on either type of promotion.


For more details, contact Sarah Letovsky, Academic Promotions Coordinator.