Faculty Members Awarded MD Program Teaching Award for Excellence

Dec 18, 2019

The University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) is pleased to announce that over 70 DFCM faculty members are the recipients of the MD Program Teaching Award for Excellence.

The MD Program Teaching Award for Excellence was introduced in 2017-2018 by the University of Toronto medical students. The award recognizes faculty in the MD Program that have attained Teaching Evaluation Scores in the top 10% in one or more of the teaching activities to which they have contributed.

Congratulations to all!

Dr. Lesley Adcock

Dr. Hisham Ali

Dr. Tarin Arenson

Dr. Samantha Avadiev

Dr. Melanie Baimel

Dr. Laurence Biro

Dr. Gary Bloch

Dr. Kaleigh Briggs

Dr. Brittany Cameron

Dr. Blair Cappel

Dr. Elaine Cheng

Dr. Jane Chow

Dr. Robert Ciccarelli

Dr. Paula Cleiman

Dr. Stephen Cord

Dr. Casey Corkum

Dr. Noah Crampton

Dr. Alison Culbert

Dr. Paul Das

Dr. Sharon Domb

Dr. Josephine Dunston

Dr. David Esho

Dr. Jennifer M. Everson

Dr. James Fairbairn

Dr. Hannah Feiner

Dr. John Foote

Dr. Kelly Forse

Dr. Stephanie Godard

Dr. Sandra Guirguis

Dr. Philip Hebert

Dr. Emma Jeavons

Dr. Anu Joneja

Dr. Bradley Kaplansky

Dr. Michael Kates

Dr. Reena Kilian

Dr. Judith Lane

Dr. Marcus Law

Dr. Connie Lee

Dr. Pamela Lenkov

Dr. Renata Leong

Dr. Fok-Han Leung

Dr. Erick Ling

Dr. Jerome Liu

Dr. Jasmyne Carnevale Lizotte

Dr. Tjin-Yinn Justin Lou

Dr. W. Kirk Lyon

Dr. Rick Mann

Dr. Alexandra Mardimae

Dr. Azadeh Moaveni

Dr. Melissa Ng

Dr. Collin Nguyen

Dr. Onyenyechukwu Nnorom

Dr. Matthew Orava

Dr. Nikita Patel

Dr. Andrew Pinto

Dr. Nadia Primiani

Dr. Noor Ramji

Dr. Evelyn Rubin

Dr. Caroline Ruderman

Dr. Lee Schofield

Dr. Martin Sommerfeld

Dr. Tanya Stone

Dr. Sunita Swaminathan

Dr. Zohair Syed

Dr. Judith Thompson

Dr. Diana Toubassi

Dr. Philippe Toupin

Dr. Ross Upshur

Dr. Robin Verduyn

Dr. Sakina Walji

Dr. Karen Wong

Dr. Rachel Wortzman

Dr. Gina Yip