Q&A with Dr. Eva Grunfeld, Program Lead of the BETTER Program

Dr. Eva Grunfeld, Program Lead of the BETTER Program
Jul 4 / 2018

The Post-Pristine World?

In his essay titled "The Post-Pristine World?" published in the Center for Humans and Nature's latest issue of Minding Nature journal, Professor Ross Upshur provides a sobering reflection on the human health costs of climate change—specifically the connections between the gradual destruction of the Aral Sea and the inadequate response to drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis as a global pandemic in the making.
Jun 25 / 2018

2018 Senior Promotions: Full and Associate Professors

The following are faculty members from the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) who have been promoted to Full Professor and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. From the care of the elderly, to improving the lives of those living with HIV or at risk of HIV in Canada and overseas, to leadership in palliative care, to advances in education, and much more – our successful faculty members have all made exceptional contributions to DFCM and our University, to their pat
Jun 20 / 2018

Events and Deadlines

Sep 14 The 1st Annual Cardio-Rheumatology Scientific Day
| 9:30am–2:00pm
17 – 21
WONCA World conference 2018
| 8:00am–12:45pm
25 – 26
Celebration of Education Scholarship
| 5:00pm–5:00pm
28 – 29
Celebration of Education Scholarship
| 5:00pm–5:00pm
20 – 23
East Mediterranean region conference 2019
| 8:15am–5:15pm
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