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Master of Public Health

Family and Community Medicine (FCM)
The solid grounding in public health that is provided with this MPH gives family physicians and other primary care practitioners knowledge and skills that they will employ in their professional work in community-oriented primary care. The degree also provides the skills learners need to become more effective educators, scholars, and leaders in their respective clinical areas.

Master of Science in Community Health

Health Practitioner Teacher Education (HPTE)
A professional graduate degree providing the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for teachers, educators and leaders in clinical education

Family and Community Medicine (FCM)
The University of Toronto’s MScCH (FCM) is a unique and rigorous professional graduate studies degree intended to strengthen the practice of family medicine and primary care by developing leadership, teaching and research skills of family physicians and primary care providers (such as nurse practitioners).

For information on the other fields of the MPH and MScCH degrees, please consult the DLSPH website.

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